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V I P bowling 4th Wednesday of each month at Fiesta Bowl 3 to 5 pm. Plan on going out to dinner with us.
The spousal support group will be meeting  July 17th at Mallory Country Club at 3:00 p.m. questions, please call Joyce Isaacson at 941-661-4108
We now have brand new magnetic VIP pins, cost is $2 a piece, and they will be on sale at the information table.
Don’t forget to wear your VIP pins to all our different functions.

Mark your calendars! August the 12th 11:00 to 2:00 pm pool and lunch party at Fenney Recreation Center.
If interested, I will have a sign in sheet at the front for both Bridgeport  and Ezell meetings.
Please note: you must be a village resident to attend the pool. However, all non-village residents may join us for our lunch inside the Fenney Grill. Starting at 12:00 noon.
Melinda Zeman
VIP chairperson and leader of the Bridgeport meeting
386 867 0284

Monday Ezell Group
audio file also available

All VIP’s and their companions are welcome to join us for the Visually Impaired Persons Support Group meeting on Monday July 15th.  at the Ezell Recreation Center across from Sawgrass Grove.  Doors open at 1pm and the meeting is over at 2:30pm. Those interested in activities for VIP’s in the southern part of The Villages can stay for a short meeting to do the planning and start date. 

We are excited to have Lisa Fisher from New Vision for Independence with us this month! 

She will be speaking about Dr. Michael Greggor’s daily dozen and dining by traffic light eating plan. It’s a wonderful guideline for how to eat healthy that’s simple and easy to follow. 

She’ll explain what the traffic light system is and how to use it. Lisa will go over the daily dozen list. 

Also Lisa will talk about the nutrition classes that New Vision offers that are designed around Dr. Greggor’s guidelines for healthy eating. 

If you can, please bring a snack (healthy would be great!) to share. We will provide the drinks.

There will be a “Lunch & Pool “party on August 12th at Fenny pool 11am to 2 pm. Lunch is planned for 12 o’clock at Fenny Grill. All are welcome to join us for lunch, however you must have your Village ID to enter the pool area.  Please sign up at either of our meetings. We need a head count for lunch. It will be a FUN afternoon! 

It is great to have the Eastport Lions continued participation and support at the VIP Ezell meetings. Thank you Lions!!

The ride/share program has been temporarily paused. We will keep you updated, but as of now, there will be no available rides to our meetings. 

We appreciate your participation in the 50/50 drawings at both our meetings. It’s a great way to financially support the VIP Support Group!

In addition to the two monthly VIP meetings, there are a number of other activities that you may be interested in.

The spousal support group is meeting the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The July 17th. meeting will be held at Mallory Country Club at 3:00 pm. For more info. Call Joyce Isaacson   941-661-4108. 

VIP Game day is the second Thursday of each month at Laurel Manor 1pm. to 3pm. 

VIP Bowling is the fourth Wednesday of each month at Fiesta Bowl in Spanish Springs from 3 to 5pm. Many of the group go for dinner afterward.

Lawn Bowling, every Friday at the Rio Grande rifle range at 10am. Contact Al Sessa: 908-812-6523 for more information about this and VIP bowling. 

Golf for VIPs with the Lake Sumter Lions is taking a break from the summer heat. Golf will resume in October.  For more information call: John Thomson at 352-259-6104.

Hope to see you at the Ezell VIP meeting Monday July 15th.

Warm wishes,

Donna Evans, leader of the VIP Ezell meeting 

Call or text: 352-391-4586

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