We are a support group for the visually impaired and blind that provides socialization and education to our members and their families. One group with 2 locations.

Check out our calendar, upcoming outings, newsletter with audio recordings of the newsletter, and guest speakers from meetings at both locations. There are more links on the Resources page.

There are new audio recordings each month: Lisa from New Vision talked about nutrition on July 15.Christy Westlund from the Division of Blind Services presented on June 17, and May 20 the topic was on hearing loss, the April 15 presentation featuring Community Watch and the April 16 Daily Sun article about Villages VIP and Scott Meehan. Plus Ben Shaberman talked about degenerative retina diseases and research back on February 24. Look under Audio.

Plus the VIP Declaration of Independence with audio.

Older content was getting cluttered, so I made a few housekeeping changes.

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